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    ERP for Small and Medium Enterprises (GST Compliant) Supplier and Customer Integration With its integrated structure, Jugnu helps you manage all your business processes from end to end both within the firm and outside firm, and between suppliers and customers in an integrated fashion. Remote Access It enables you to access your information any time remotely, thanks to its web-based structure, and may be used easily by companies working in different locations. Ease of Use It enhances user experience due to its simple and easy-to-use interface. It enables users to learn using the program quickly. Central Installation and Management It is sufficient that central installation and version upgrades and maintenances are performed at the central office. All users always access current version thanks to central management. Maintenance and management costs are minimized, security setting and backup operations are tracked centrally. Modular Structure It offers a wide range of modular solutions covering all functions that corporations may need such as finance management, purchasing, production, budget management, sales and distribution, and all working in integration with each other. International Use It hosts multi-currency, multi-language options and legal compliance features in all countries. Therefore, it offers a secure and effective data exchange and consolidation services over the internet/intranet to companies working in different locations, supporting international operations. Customizable Business Management It enables all end-to-end business functions on a Supply-Production-Sales and Delivery axis to be carried out as described by the management. Scalable It offers gradual IT investment and use of affordable hardware to expand the corporation with investment as much as and when needed. Attractive Commercial Option True Cloud based subscription model for licensing with a pay as you use model. Sign up for small users and grow as and when you need.
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    OUTPUT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION- Powerful Yet Simple. . Accepts files of printable formats from multiple input channels and locations. • Modifies the content of documents, rescales them and adds images (such as company logos). • Splits input files into documents according to recipients or other user-defined criteria. • Merges documents so that each customer receives an envelope or email with documents addressed to them (e.g. invoice, annual overview and terms and conditions as an enclosure). It can also archive the documents, if required. • Generates password protected pdf documents as per logic decided. • Generates Digitally signed pdf documents. • Produces customer communications via multiple electronic and physical channels according to user-defined schedules. • Fully customizable by defining complex business rules using a simple interface and customizes mass electronic communication by employing variable customer data. • Prepares documents for processing with or without folding and inserting machines by placing/applying optical marks and barcodes at any desired location within the document. • Handles automatically high-volume documents of variable length and page format and ensures that proper documents reach the correct customer. • Standardizes the format and layout of the output documents which builds a unique and consistent corporate identity. • Integrates easily with other enterprise software applications (e.g. SAP) by means of hot folders. • Personalise each communication with names, messages, greetings etc. Can process huge communication pieces volumes; from 6 Lakh to 5 Crore communication pieces a year and every year thereafter & can easily be upgraded further as required.