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Cloud Video conferencing Software WebRTC based client-free video conferencing Continuous presence upto 25 participants in forwarding architecture and upto 99 participants in mixing architecture Supports UltraHD 4K (min. 10Mbps required), FullHD 1080p (min. 2.5 Mbps required), HD 720p (min. 1.4 Mbps required), VGA 480p (min. 512 kbps required) and SIF 240p (min. 256 kbps required) Dedicated virtual rooms with conference access anything without scheduling. Conference room User management with complete user profile information directory. Conference scheduling with recurring schedule support. Presenter Mode with intelligent Sync that takes attendee to the same location as the host without screenshare (not using unnecessary video bandwidth).
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Tally On Cloud: You can access your Tally from ANY PC or DEVICE, using ANY OPERATING SYSTEM. Multi branch businesses who want to have Centralised Tally, which can be accessed from all locations. More SECURED than Data in your own Office. When you install the Tally server in your office, you spend on Server Hardware, Operating System License, Antivirus, Backup, Storage device, UPS and lots of other things. YOU SAVE ALL of the above when you access Tally from our Cloud Servers.
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AIR PURIFIERS- Manufactured in accordance with Indian Environmental Conditions with best-in-class 7 Stage Filtration technology. If you are continuously struggling with the problem of dander from pets, smoke from kitchen or cigarette, dust & dust mites, allergies due to air borne virus & bacteria or any other unwanted issues of smell or toxic gases anywhere in your home, or you wish to have a clean hygienic environment for you and your family, We have the solution for you. Our product is effective at : Capturing dust and PM 2.5 particle up to 99.97% Killing mold, bacteria and virus Eliminate smoke problems. It can even stops mold growth and prevents future mold spores from developing. It significantly removes almost all kinds of allergens, odors, bacteria and viruses, airborne chemicals and solvents, germs and dust from indoor air and make it clean & pure to breathe. Our Home air purifier use groundbreaking green technologies to eliminate virtually all air impurities and odour issues. Our affordable system works by producing charged negative ions that are dispersed through your room to help Dust, allergen and odor laden airborne particulate matter to stick together through a process called ionic bonding. Once the bond is complete harmful molecules become heavy and are sucked by the AIR PURIFIER which uses a multiple layer filtration system, such as >PRE Filter, >ELECTROSTATIC Filter, >ACTIVATED CARBON Filter, >HEPA filter, >TiO2 Photo-Catalyst Filter, >UV light & >NEGATIVE IONS. Our home air purifier actively seek out pollutants and neutralize them. We have multiple models for the home depending on the specific area requirement and the nature of problem being faced at your end. Solutions also available for the following sectors. Healthcare Institutions Hotel Industry
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Visiting Card Scanner, Business Card Scanner. (Windows & Mac-Excel, CSV, VCF, Outlook, Lotus, Act & Gmail Contacts). Scan business cards. The A8-sized color business card scanner scans and reorganizes the information of the color business card to the utmost accuracy. Save contact in Cloud Sync and backup your contacts in Gmail contacts. Never lose any data, even if you upgrade your computer or smart phone in the future. Access contacts anytime, anywhere View and manage your contacts in Windows/ Mac or Gmail contacts. Just click sync button and save all contacts data or image on Gmail web services. Enhance social networks User-friendly interface makes you search with keyword and provide quick functions, including Skype Out, Skype SMS and find contacts on facebook, Twitter or inkedIn. Share with mobile devices Beside Windows & Mac, you can also exchange contacts with Outlook/ ACT!/ Salesforce/ Lotus Notes or mobile devices.. For more info visit us at
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e-Signer for Tally (Sign Invoices Digitally- Save time & money) Now digitally sign invoices, at just a click of your mouse. Studies have shown that the total cost of manual paper invoicing can be much higher than e-invoicing. E-invoicing can save costs, time and efforts. The Indian Union budget 2015-16 has allowed Invoices, Challans & Consignment Notes etc., to be digitally signed with digital signature certificates and send to customers electronically.